SHORTS 9: when serpents bargain for the right to squirm

Saturday, May 16

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01 STILL_002Some Southern Country

Michael Paul Lopez

28 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A 13-chapter video comic book, wherein a teenage boy experiences sexual adventures and overcomes obstacles of the heart atop a generic, racially ambiguous, American 80s world determined to perpetuate tribal war in a southern jungle. Green agents blackmail, torture, spy, cry and trash their bedrooms in a private high school while a concurrent narrative in text details the personal development of a cruel and horny teenager overcoming his fear of love. These conflicting narratives are rendered together with gradual color changes, hand-drawn illustrations, sound effects, synth and faux orchestral arrangements.” – Michael Lopez


02 Blood Squatch2Night of the Blood Squatch

Kenny Reed

22 min., Video, 2015, USA

“One night a man making a Bigfoot ‘documentary’ encounters a few other intense characters with their own issues to contend with.” – Kenny Reed


03 Lingerie ShowThe Lingerie Show

Laura Harrison

8 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A drug addict, Lorraine, attempts to entice her bisexual boyfriend Cesar away from his boyfriend, Wade, with a lingerie show she and her friends put together. An animated portrait of characters on the fringes of society.” – Laura Harrison


04 BiteRadius_StarBite Radius

Spencer Parsons

30 min., Video, 2015, USA

 “Last night Peyton had such a great time that he can’t even remember the murder he committed. So he tells a friend. Big mistake. Inspired by actual events.” – Spencer Parsons