SHORTS 8: what a proud dreamhorse pulling(smoothloomingly)through

Saturday, May 16

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01 After Creation After IcebergsAfter Creation After Icebergs

Mary Beth Reed

3 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Visual music created with paint on an 8×10 canvas, an iPad, and After Effects as if working on an early cinematic special effects machine, the optical printer. The subtle hues above the water shift as the film dives into the depths of the icebergs, surfacing once more into a kaleidoscopic landscape.” – Mary Beth Reed


02 ExtraitsExtraits D’une Famille

Rhayne Vermette

6 min., Video, 2014, Canada

“This film is my failed attempt at creating a thematic palindrome of audio/visual samples. When working between two poles of remembering – one easily gets confused. Please enjoy this film before my mother asks me to delete it.” – Rhayne Vermette


03 Celestial Objects_3Celestial Object

Ben Balcom

9 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Here are the playful recordings of a naturalist—the observations of a difficult object. As the study accelerates and numerous cinematographic strategies are employed, the information gathered becomes noise; all these measurements become scribbles. “ – Ben Balcom


04 Subtle Distance_SantaCruz_SD_Still1“Subtle Distance”

Christina Santa Cruz

4 min., Video, 2014, USA

“For every trip and/or move we bring various amounts of suitcases and boxes filled with our tactile possessions. Have we become obsessed or is it merely a necessity in order to be comfortable in one’s own skin? I don’t know…” – Christina Santa Cruz


05 Picture 70Her Silent Seaming

Nazlı Dinçel

10 min., 16mm, 2014, USA

“A transcription of what I have been told during intimate experiences while separating from my husband. Sections consist of destroyed originals from Leafless (2011), motifs of the “feminine” alluding to Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures (1963) and of reconstruction of a pomegranate.” – Nazlı Dinçel


06 Blue Loop JulyBlue Loop, July

Mike Gibisser

5 min., Video, 16mm, 2014, USA

“Chicago’s summertime blazes, unanchored. Skywriting out of time.” – Mike Gibisser



07 Under The Atmosphere1Under The Atmosphere

Mike Stoltz

15 min., 16mm, 2014, USA

“Filmed on the Central Florida Space Coast, site of NASA’s launch pads. Dormant spacecraft, arcane text, activated landscape, and the surface of the image work towards a future-past shot reverse shot.” – Mike Stoltz


08 Mototanaka DeriveMototanaka Dérive

Michael Lyons & Malte Steiner

5 min., Super 8 on Video, 2014, Japan/Germany

“A staccato Super 8 document of an aimless walk through one of Kyoto’s former outcaste neighborhoods, which continues to exist below normal Japanese living standards. The soundtrack was created using ‘The Octopus’ – an original optoelectronic apparatus which allows the film itself to act as the score.” – Michael Lyons & Malte Steiner


09 au bord de la riviere_2Au Bord De La Rivière (At The Edge of the River)

Mike Rollo

3 min., 16mm on Video, 2014, Canada

“an unblinking examination of the light and movement patterns that animate a river bank; an earthly mysticism in miniature, a professing of natural secrets hidden in plain sight. “ – Mike Rollo


10 SerenaGundy_02Serena Gundy

Stephen Broomer

4 min., 16mm on Video, 2014, Canada

“Serena Gundy Park, in Toronto, so named for the late wife of Toronto businessman James Henry Gundy, who influenced the financial character of early twentieth-century Canada.” – Stephen Broomer


11 THINGS 10Things

Ben Rivers

20 min., 16mm, 2014, United Kingdom

“A lyrical analysis of the objects we gather around us, split into sections loosely based on the seasons.” – Ben Rivers