SHORTS 2: Humanity i love you

Friday, May 15


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01 Everything For The MoviesEverything For the Movies

Lukas Buys

20 min., video, 2014, Belgium

“Oliver picks up a young actress Lize to take her to a remote film set. But how far is she prepared to go to make it in the movies?” – Lukas Buys


02 Out of The Mold Still #1Out of the Mold

Michel Moon

12 min., video, 2014, USA/Canada/Australia

“The crumbling of a couple’s relationship manifests itself in mold growing in their bathroom.” – Michel Moon


03 Resting PlaceResting Place

Kristjan Knigge

10 min., video, 2014, Netherlands

“A terrible accident has left former dancer Julia paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. What could be nicer than being taken for a gentle walk in the woods by a caring friend?” – Kristjan Knigge


04 VioletsViolets

Jim Vendiola

13 min., video, 2014, USA

“Two strange, reclusive sisters quietly await the advent of their secretly twisted plan. Inspired by true events.” – Jim Vendiola


05 Nature BoyNature Boy

Annelise Ogaard

27 min., video, 2014, USA

 “Is it a kidnapping, or a non-consensual health retreat? Lauren comes to in a warehouse, at the mercy of Nature Boy, a New Age sadist determined to save her from herself, or destroy her. Whichever, really.” – Annelise Ogaard