Thursday May 14


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01 CUTCut

Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller

13 min., Video, 2013, Germany

“The body as a wound that never heals.” – Matthias Müller



02 NavajazoNavajazo

Ricardo Silva

75 min., 16mm on video. 2014, Mexico

“The apocalypse we’ve always imagined, presented to us through portraits of characters struggling to survive in a hostile environment, where all they have is each other and the only thing they possess in common is the will to keep on living, no matter the cost.” – Ricardo Silva

“Flecked with hypnotic essay-film passages that meld impressionistic video and 16mm footage of Tijuana with intertitles detailing how cancer spreads, the film otherwise jumps back and forth between a set of equally degenerate protagonists. These include a Gene Simmons lookalike singing mordantly funny synthesizer numbers, an American porn director casting his next production (which is to focus on true love), a junkie couple shooting up and getting it on, and two battle-hardened men willing to fight for money. Much of what these protagonists do, or are made to do, in front of the camera is depraved or even exploitative, but still gruesomely compulsive to watch, with the total lack of delineation between staging and real life adding an additional layer of fascination.”—James Lattimer, Slant