Saturday May 16

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01 the Rapture_still 01The Rapture

Michael Fleming

5 min., Video, 2014, The Netherlands

“A pulsating image bombardment about our pursuit to happiness and freedom of fear. A frame-by-frame hand manipulated 35mm celluloid collage film. The found footage is nourished by photo stills that were taken from various magazines, distorted and deformed. The surplus of images contains more than could be mentally processed and emphasizes our insatiable hunger to perpetual happiness. “ – Michael Fleming


02 Resolve To Be Ready4Resolve To Be Ready

Eugene Sun Park

7 min., Video, 2015, USA

“Inspired by FEMA’s “Resolve to be Ready” campaign, this film invites the viewer into a bustling public space filled with commuters. The space becomes subtly charged when a mysterious man in black drops an unmarked bag on the sidewalk in plain view. What is the appropriate reaction? Alarm? Fear? Humor?” – Eugene Sun Park


01 Immune Scammell Image 1IMMUNE! 

Ryan Scammell

70 min., Video, 2014, USA

“After an incident on the subway where he saves a dying man, Ryan Scammell comes to believe he has the power the heal people with his hands. As his obsession with the idea grows, he finds himself traveling down a road of real life superheroes, run-ins with the law, and dangerous life-threatening situations. Blending live action and animation, documentary and narrative, the film asks the question of why real people allow themselves to get so lost in fantasy, and ultimately why we all might want to believe in a world with superheroes.” – Ryan Scammell