Critical Paranoia: Dark Night Rising

Thursday May 14


Curated by Ernest J. Ramon

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01 Critical ParanoiaCritical Paranoia: Dark Night Rising

87 min. Video, 2015, USA

“You’re not allowed to believe in coincidences anymore. A fast encroaching military police state, mind controlled assassins, domestic terrorism, secret societies, ritual sacrifices, clandestine psy-op programs and evil old billionaires clamoring for world domination! Tired old plots of a comic book franchise or prophetic and deliberate enigmas wrapped in bubblegum and subterfuge? Who or what really killed Heath Ledger? Has the Dark Knight vehicle become nothing more than a harbinger for horrors such as the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings, and the events of September 11? What is the true meaning hidden behind the Dark Night Rising? Over the rainbow and through the looking glass, how deep does the rabbit hole go? All the way to the Batcave perhaps.” – Ernest J. Ramon