Dirty Looks presents “Hardcore Home Movies”

Curated by Bradford Nordeen

Saturday May 16

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01 FiendFiend


3min., 1992, super 8 on DV

Shot on super 8 for projections at the legendary sex party, Fiend, in 1992, this short B&W silent reel features members of the queercore band Fagbash in solitary erotic exploits. Part portrait and part salacious dare, this never-before-screened work offers an ad hoc glimpse into unapologetic cruising and lust.


02 hardcore2Hard-Core Home Movies

Greta Snider

5min., 1989, 16mm

“Hard-Core Home Movies” is a frank and irreverent documentary that asks the question, “What is hard-core?” Seedy, grainy, and fast-paced, this is a nostalgic look at an ephemeral moment in the history of a subculture: punk rock in San Francisco in the late eighties.


03 Birthday-Party1Birthday Party

Jill Reiter

9min, 1993, 16mm on DV

A queer girl’s fantasy of the best birthday party a mother could give. Being queer, the “sweet sixteen” character has only two girlfriends to invite to her party: one is the daughter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the other a precocious slut.


04 TroublemakersThe Troublemakers

G.B. Jones

20min., 1990, super8 on DV

The Troublemakers follows the lives of four down-on-their-luck characters. Surrounded by the vestiges of conspicuous consumption, the struggle to survive outside of society, fashioning their own aesthetics of poverty and devising strategies to navigate a surveillance society, evading or performing for cameras everywhere.


05 salivation2The Salivation Army

Scott Treleaven

22min., 2001, Super8 on DV

For three years the Salivation Army operated a counterculture zine aimed at restless queer punk youth. But during their brief existence what began as a small, local gang transformed into an increasingly dangerous cult network. A cut-and-paste portrait of the underground itself.


06 Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate (from Three Faces of Women)
Rick Castro
20min., 1994, Video

3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate: Fonda LaBruce and Vaginal Davis are a drag queen lesbian couple experiencing bed death. They call in therapist (Dr. Chris Teen) to help them get out of their sexual rut. (Bob Alvarez, the famous 70’s porn-film director shot this in uptown Manhattan).



07 ourgaybrothers_2Our Gay Brothers
Greta Snider
9min., 1993, 16mm

“This collage of found film footage, assembled porn movie, children’s instructional film, sports coverage and ‘50s Hollywood musicals to construct and investigation into gay men’s differing attitudes towards the female body. A clever and contentious film.” – Melbourne Film Festival