How Sad, How Lovely: The Story of Connie Converse

As I sit on the winding porch of my new, temporary roots of Northern Michigan, I smoke the last of my obnoxious, organic cigarettes (I promise I am quitting soon, but these are trying times and my anxiety needs a vice). I listen to the earnest sound of Connie Converse singing “in between two tall […]

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645 AR or DIE

It might be genius or it might be for babies? You might love it but there’s a good chance you won’t. Born in New York The Bronx and based out of South Bronx Atlanta 645 AR is a rapper making some of the most mind bending ridiculous and innovative music to hit the ears of […]

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Night Cab

Night Cab by Alix Bortoli is a lovely animation that speaks to nightlife, living in a city, and personal experiences through experimental ways of animation and sound. This animation automatically caught my eye because of the different techniques used. It starts out by giving us our urban setting made up of cardboard, cut out paper, and […]

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