Nightcore and Unkept Promises

  Web 2.0 was abstract crisis management. Cyber-positivist dreams of everyone coming together online became an excuse for hyper-centralization. The ‘90s cyber-positivists never understood that social network topologies eventually flow upwards: above every reply guy is their egirl, and above every egirl is the massive server farms which contain their credit card info. The progenitors […]

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Punk Boricua (Puerto Rican Punk)

Punk Boricua (Puerto Rican Punk) “A free street rather than the consumer warehouse. Dissonance, rather than good taste. Repulsion, rather than attraction. All discarded and cheap things, rather than new and expensive ones. Thanatos, rather than the libido. Amid nostalgia’s shady road, all stupid, empty, foul-smelling and putrid things interfere; in other words: PUNK.” Luis […]

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Kissing Under Some Bats Music Video

MelkBelly is a Chicago based noise rock band consisting of four members, three related, and one who drums. Miranda Winters on vocals and lead guitar, her partner Bart Winters also on guitar, Bart’s brother Liam on bass and non-relative friend James Wetzel on the drums. All together their sound can be categorized as noise rock […]

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