Weather House

Weather House
Director – Frauke Havemann, Co-director – Eric Schefter
82 min., 2017, Germany

At the threshold of human extinction, a small group of disoriented people spend their time in absurd activities inside a house regularly battered by planetary climate change. Within such an unstable situation, and trying to provide a measure of normality, they develop their own strange belief systems and routines. One man builds a network of wires. Another keeps himself attached to a plant. A woman is constantly recording sounds, but why and for whom? A dark humor arises from the gradual decay of reason.

The title is borrowed from the Germanic folk art tradition of building humidity meters in the form of small, handcrafted houses, with figures that emerge according to specific weather predictions. The film presents a life-size adaptation of this idea. Told with minimalism and humor, “Weather House” is ultimately as dark, strange, and unpredictable as the weather itself.

“Mysterious and mesmerizing, Weather House turns the end of the world into fine art.” – Hammer To Nail

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