Old Friends

Saturday, June 3 | 6:00pm

Bruce Bundy | 11 min., video, 2015, USA


“Kat and Arthur are married, Clara and Nicholas are too, and they all share a long friendship from their pursuits in higher education. Kat and Arthur have left the academic realm in favor of assuming control of a family-owned funeral parlor, while Clara and Nicholas have gone the route of adjunct professors; all are haunted by their positions. Clara and Nicholas taunt Kat and Arthur for leaving academia while lamenting their own newly onset professorial malaise, and envying their backdoor exit, while Kat and Arthur savor their roles as ejected fools while aching somewhat for the self-satisfying virtues of an academic life. They drink a lot and their strange, kinky, beautiful and tormented dynamics dance them through the course of their evening-long, heady reunion, proving that they are, indeed, old friends” – BB

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