Neighborhood Food Drive

Neighborhood Food Drive
Jerzy Rose
85 min., 2017, USA

Budding Chicago restaurateurs Naomi and Madeline know that image is everything for a new business. So, when a negative review says their restaurant Ciao “perfectly summarizes the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie”, they know just what they need to do to change people’s minds: host a neighborhood food drive. Tax exempt status! Unpaid interns! What could go wrong? With these two, just about everything.

At the nearby college, students Steven and Bianca are having relationship problems. They both feel that the other isn’t really seeing who they are. When David, their professor and ersatz couples counselor, suggests that engaging in an activity together – perhaps charity work – would allow them time and space to bond, they become integral parts of Naomi and Madeline’s party planning committee.

These five narcissists bond to form a touchy-feely collective of incompetence and it soon becomes apparent that the primary purpose they serve in each other’s lives is to monitor for stray rational thoughts and obliterate them. With each failure, the rallying cry is the same: “next time, it will be different!”. Ping-ponging between farce and tragedy, bland pop psychology flows effortlessly into negligent homicide as they are literally haunted by the ghost of rejected advice.-  Rebekah Murphy, Boston Underground Film Festival