Focus on Infinity

Saturday, June 4 | 4:00pm

Joerg Burger | 80 min., Video, 2014, Austria


“The question concerning the origin of our cosmos and our existence has moved humanity for thousands of years. Where do we come from, what are we and where do we go? Looking for answers to these questions, scientists dig deep into the dimensions of our thoughts – to the limits of our imagination. Mathematics and Physics reached a certain degree of abstraction, not absolutely comprehensible for laypersons. What is keeping the innermost of the world together – creation or evolution? Theories and conclusions of natural science make you think about the purpose of live. Rational thinking rises to a new challenge: It gets confronted with an intellectual world that only philosophers and theologians seem to have known so far. Conversely, belief needs to deal with questions regarding the scientific background of creation. Enormous telescopes in the desert, supercomputers and gigantic particle accelerators: No effort is too much to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of human beings – to finally understand the secret of infinity. Focus on Infinity is a cinematic journey to people, machines and places that are connected with the exploration of the origin of our universe and our existence. Allowing an insight into the life and thoughts of scientists, this film will bring up questions, that are important to modern cosmology and quantum physics..” – JB

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