Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein

Friday, June 3 | 9:00pm

Tim Kirk | 92 min., video, 2015, USA


“Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein is an exercise in extreme metafictional tragicomedy. Presented as the commentary track of a cynically rushed repressing of a forgotten (but 100% genuine) Frankenstein film’s DVD (in lieu of unspecified ‘recent events’), this project transforms the film into an entirely new, all too human horror story. Featuring Clu Gulager as Gavin Merrill, director of the 1977 original who is happily exploiting the unmentioned tragedy linked to the film, the recording session becomes both a mystery and its own sort of Frankenstein story as he clashes with ‘Terror of Frankenstein’s screenwriter (Zack Norman) and, ultimately, its star (Leon Vitali from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Barry Lyndon, playing himself.) “Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein” is Mystery Science Theater 3000 by way of Sartre, an icy satire of the monsters on screen, behind the camera, and in the audience..” – TK

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