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Shorts 9: The Hierophant

June 5, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Robert Todd | 3 min., Video, 2015, USA


"Troubled times call for troubling measures. We have used our powers to build our House as we have seen fit, perfectly hollow, reflecting nothing of consequence. The end is near, and we have ushered it in." - RT

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Of Birth and Brittle Teeth

Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Marinah Janello | 6 min., Video, 2015, USA/Spain


"Of Birth and Brittle Teeth chronicles the lives of a group of farmers located in central Spain, dedicated to living off the land that they tend. With the use of spoken poetry and documentations of their daily lives, the film encourages the viewer to see the agronomist and their harvest as one." - MJ

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Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Aurèle Ferrier | 23 min., Video, 2014, Switzerland


"Infrastructures involves a journey through a landscape of infrastructures that are common to an everyday reality of routine. Yet here we find these environments are deserted. This allows attention to focus instead on the design and spatial arrangements of the objects, which become centrally present." - AF

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Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Lena Ditte Nissen | 13 min., video, 2014, Germany


"Interweaving documentary images from the two matrilineal tribes of the Moshu (China) and the Kuna (Panama) this film connects alleged female societies from continent to continent. The link between these two worlds is the filmmaker herself, trying to cope with the otherness of what is seen and the strangeness of the inner experience." - LN

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Exile Exotic

Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Sasha Litvintseva | 14 min., video, 2015, UK


"Steeped in elliptical history and historical simulacra, Exile Exotic is set at a hotel that is a replica of the Kremlin. Narrating the exotic beginnings of my mother's and my exile from Russia, the film serves as a platform for us to visit the Kremlin again, albeit by the side of a pool. This film is a pilgrimage. This film comes in waves." - SL

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The Masked Monkeys

Sunday, June 5 | 3:00pm

Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy | 30 min., 16mm, 2015, Germany


"The masked arts of Indonesia are thousands of years old. They are commonly referred to as wayang topeng (wayang: shadow or puppet; topeng: mask). It is believed that wayang topeng originated from tribal death rites, where masked dancers were considered the interpreters of the gods. In the lowest rungs of Javanese society a unique manifestation of these masked traditions can be found. Its practitioners are performers, but they are not merely entertainers. Their aim is not simply to amuse. Their ambition is to be respected, to be honored, to be successful. They have embarked on a path they know will lead to a higher state, to an honorable and noble position." - AD,JM

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June 5, 2016
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Logan Theatre
2646 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647 United States
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