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Shorts 10: The One With The Celebrity

June 4, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Shorts 10: The One With The Celebrity
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In the Vicinity
Kelly Sears
9 min., 2016, USA

As warfare evolves, endless military sight is the ultimate reconnaissance goal. In this speculative instructional film, the full spectrum of official, covert, occult and limitless intelligence protocols are illustrated. This progression mirrors current expanded and cognitive reconnaissance initiatives actively in development.

To You Dear Friend
Jimmy Joe Roche
9 min., 2016, USA

A few years ago I was plagued by an intense bout of insomnia. This film is an attempt to communicate my inner life during that most difficult time. Much of the film is shot through homemade lenses. I choose to keep the soundtrack silent to accentuate the rhythmic structure of the images and communicate the trance like space between waking and sleeping.

Mono Generation
Keil Troisi & A.W. Strouse
4 min., 2016, USA

In 2005, Lena Dunham starred in a film by Keil Troisi and A.W. Strouse. Endless problems plagued production—from the scatterbrained script to the cast’s partying to Strouse’s romance with Dunham. Now, this poetic short documentary reframes that footage into a commentary on celebrity, the War on Terror, and mononucleosis.

Shape of a Surface
Nazlı Dinçel
9 min., 2017, Turkey

The ground holds accounts of once pagan, then christian and now muslim ruins of the city built for Aphrodite. As she takes revenge on Narcissus, mirrors reveal what is seen and surfaces, limbs dismantle and marble turns flesh.

Lauren Cook
6 min. 2016, USA

Painted 16mm film undergoes a monstrous transformation becoming neither analog nor digital. A film about uncanny valleys and the space between.

This is Yates
Joshua Yates
12 min., 2016, USA

A visceral home movie collage interrogates the ways in which we shape identity and confront trauma via fragmented media.

Blue Movie
Michael Morris
7 min., 2015, USA

Blue Movie is an elegiac tribute to the late Juanita Slusher, a Dallas-based exotic dancer well known in the 50s and 60s as “Candy Barr”. Footage from the stag-film Smart Alec, a film given to me by my grandfather, is used as the majority of the source imagery set to a rendition of Autumn Leaves performed by Dallas-based vocalist Lily Taylor. The song was noted by Candy Barr as her favorite to dance to, while also noting that she viewed her dancing as a form of creative expression. The silver-based emulsion of the film was replaced with cyanotype chemistry and laid under the sun to create the blue image.

Death / Destruction / Some Other Terrible Fate
Jeremy Moss
9 min., 2016, USA

A spectacle of the disused and discontinued. They build in obsolescence. They plague us with updates.

Enola Em Evael
Kathryn Ramey
7 min., USA

An unfaithful remake of Man Ray’s 1926 “Emak Bakia” made without the use of a motion picture camera, ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE is a nonsensical response to brutality alongside a celebration of silver process.

Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts
Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky
15 min., 2016, Canada

Part lyrical document, part farce, Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts explores the imagined unconscious minds of animals. Images of sex, death, and the natural world are made manifest in the murky and disquieting dreams of a dog, cat, pig, and rabbit.


June 4, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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Chicago Underground Film Festival
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