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Festival Coordinator

2018​ ​Chicago​ ​Underground​ ​Film​ ​Festival
Festival​ ​Coordinator​ ​Job​ ​Description

The CUFF Festival Coordinator (FC) is responsible for the coordinating, executing and wrapping
operations and venue, screening, financial and personnel logistics of the festival and oversees all
departments. The FC is responsible for tracking all information in the Google drive and disseminating
logistical information to CUFF and IFP Chicago staff and volunteers. The FC is the main contact in
regards to CUFF’s operations so this position requires the utmost professionalism as well as supreme
organization, communication and time management.
The FC is a seasonal, but full-time position during the festival, scheduled to begin February 1, 2018 and
end June 30, 2018. The FC reports to CUFF’s Artistic Director and Executive Director.
The FC will prepare a festival wrap report and will coordinate a post-festival exit interview with CUFF’s
Artistic Director and Executive Director.
Responsibilities​ ​include:
Planning​ ​and​ ​Administration
● Support CUFF’s Artistic Director and Executive Director in planning, management and execution
of all festival logistics
● Plan and execute pre-festival events, screenings and fundraisers, including gallery shows, CUFF
satellite screenings and the kick-off fundraiser.
● Recruit, train, and coordinate staff, volunteers and interns
● Lead planning and training meetings with festival staff and volunteers.
● Work with festival staff to secure venues, coordinate event logistics, including transportation,
food, providing event materials and supplies, securing equipment as needed.
● Ship prints, drives, awards, and any other materials (i.e. filmmaker merch & materials) after the
Department​ ​Management
● Work with the Hospitality Manager to coordinate travel & accommodations for
filmmakers/jurors/special guests
● Work with Volunteer Manager, along with other key staff positions, to determine how many
volunteers are needed for each day and event, and to ensure they are properly trained and
scheduled. Update and distribute Volunteer Handbook.
● Collect volunteer forms/contracts, W9s and other necessary paperwork.
● Work with Sponsorship Manager to identify possible sponsors, donors (in-kind or otherwise), and
● Work with the Sponsorship Manager to manage festival advertising & sponsorships execution
● Compile data to create sponsorship deck.
● Work with the Parties/Special Events Manager to coordinate pre-production of special events and
on-site management including liquor deliveries, sponsor needs and venue requirement.
● Coordinate with Tech Director on necessary personnel and equipment requirements.
● Put together spreadsheets for tech and the theater, listing exhibition format, duration, theater #,
and other pertinent information needed by tech staff and the theater’s staff.
Financial​ ​Management
● Coordinate with bookkeeper to set-up clients and vendors in QuickBooks, create invoices for
sponsors and advertisers.
● Collect invoices from all individuals, venues and organizations/businesses that we need to pay,
and work with ED and Treasurer to make sure payments are made according to our agreement
with the individuals, venues and organizations/businesses.
● Keep details of all merchandise sold, and reconcile merch reports with cash and card sales for
each day and event.
● Count money at end of day or next morning with box office manager and deposit into the bank.
Provide details on what is ticket sales vs. filmmaker merch vs. CUFF merch sold.
● Work with festival staff on getting reports following the festival on attendance, tickets sold vs.
comp tickets given away, party attendance and ticket/drink sales, and any other information that
needs to be collected.
Marketing,​ ​Communications​ ​and​ ​Outreach
● Assist in gathering materials and copy for program book and other marketing items.
● Oversee preparation of festival program book and content
● Assist with promotional outreach, including distribution of marketing materials and coordinating
community outreach
● Work with Artistic Director to plan screenings and informational class visits to local universities,
reaching out to colleges and universities to visit classrooms to show work from past years, talk
about what CUFF does, and ways for students to get involved.
● Work with artist to get various designs for t-shirts, web use, buttons and other things as
● Work with festival photographers to ensure they are taking photos required for sponsors and
promotion of the festival.
● Assist in all other festival areas as necessary