CUFF27 Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2020   MEDIA CONTACT: Karen Durham kcdcomm@gmail.com 773-386-6255   CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL CELEBRATES  27TH YEAR WITH VIRTUAL AND DRIVE-IN SCREENINGS, NOVEMBER 9-22   The longest running underground film festival in the world, in-person screenings will be November 12-13 at ChiTown Drive-In and  Live on Minecraft After Party will stream […]

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Writing From the Point of Orgasm: Kathy Acker

While on the phone with my mother, she asks me what I want for my upcoming birthday. My go-to present is a book; they’re cheap, easy to come by and a gift I always appreciate. She asks me which books I’d be interested in. I bring up Kathy Acker¹ (whom she doesn’t know of) and […]

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Nightcore and Unkept Promises

  Web 2.0 was abstract crisis management. Cyber-positivist dreams of everyone coming together online became an excuse for hyper-centralization. The ‘90s cyber-positivists never understood that social network topologies eventually flow upwards: above every reply guy is their egirl, and above every egirl is the massive server farms which contain their credit card info. The progenitors […]

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