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Beautiful Things

Mike Olenick

5 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Sunlight sparking through a window sets into motion this story of a woman recovering from a break up. She heads outside looking for love, but what she doesn’t expect to find is a perfect match. Music by The Wet Darlings.†– Mike Olenick

Undaddy Mainframe


1 min., Video, 2014, Australia

“Undaddy Mainframe revisits the feminist malware of Australian art collective VNS Matrix. In this recombinant work, their seminal text ‘A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century’ (1991) is recoded via instructional computer videos of the 1990s. This project was commissioned for Forever Now, a sequel to the 1977 Voyager Golden Record.†– Soda_Jerk

Detroit Overture

Lisa Kortschak

10 min., Video, 2015, Austria/USA

“An empty abandoned hall. Daylight and street noises penetrate the space through the porous walls. Only the dilapidated, however, still impressively splendid ceiling refers to the history of the location, which once was considered as Detroit’s most famous concert hall. Now eight cars enter the hall successively and park. As soon as all vehicles come to a stand, silence occurs before the concert starts.†-Lisa Kortschak


Jon Rafman

8 min., Video, 2014, USA

“A washing machine spinning out of control and into its own destruction serves as a prelude to a stream of performances and documents of fringe forms of intimacy and constriction, culled from various online communities. Rafman gives a poetic treatment to the images, both sweet and abject. “It’s like Dante’s Inferno but without the drama. Just the people floating in the mud†– Dis Magazine

The End of an Error

Peter Freund

10 min., Video, 2013, USA

“The end of the McCarthy Red Scare in the USA, fictionalized as a history lesson from contemporary Iran.†– Peter Freund

The Riddle (ghost chair)

Paul Tarragó

11 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

“Experimental but heartfelt, all fiction, mostly video. Featuring: phantoms, parakeets, some animation, much smoke, Super 8 excursions, and several actors. This is: an extrapolation from ‘Making things meaningful’ (2003), a deviation from the first paragraph of ‘The Riddle’ (1812), a science fiction story, a fairytale, a consideration of representation and form PLUS several science explorations by the filmmaker. “ – Paul Tarragó

A Brief Portrait of the Eternal Recurrence

Karl Lind

23 sec., Video, 2014, USA

“Everything becomes and recurs eternally – escape is impossible!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Steel Mill Rolling

Ross Nugent

12 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Equal parts landscape, industrial and portrait film, the piece is a document of a functioning steel mill in Western Pennsylvania where the filmmaker’s family has worked for nearly 100 years. Isaac Sherman provided the musical score.†– Ross Nugent

Bad At Dancing

Joanna Arnow

11 min., Video, 2015, USA

“A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider, Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The two women test each other’s sexual and emotional boundaries in this surreal dark comedy.†– Joanna Arnow


Teemu Nikki

17 min., Video, 2015, Finland

“Bigger tits = Better Life?†– Teemu Nikki

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