The Chicago Underground Film Festival proudly presents the Chicago premiere of “Drifting Towards the Crescent,†Laura Stewart’s captivating and intimate portrait of life in Keokuk, Iowa. Keokuk, situated along the Mississippi River just North of Hamilton, Missouri (birthplace of Mark Twain) is a place where the North ends and the South begins. A town of hunters and fisherman, drinkers, bikers and survivors, the inhabitants of Keokuk are proud of their lives that are a little rough around the edges but still easygoing and amiable. Weaving together the personal stories of these river town inhabitants, “Drifting Towards The Crescent†offers insights into the character of a region holding on tightly to its identity in the face of a changing global economy.

“Drifting Towards the Crescent†is about a town, and a moment and place in time, all the more critical after our recent election. It’s about the heartland of the US, and life on the Mississippi River. Even though I do not make didactic films, all of the characters but two would not have a job were it not for foreign investment. It’s about a place where the homes reflect the faded vestige of prosperity from the river’s glory days, but those days have long since ebbed. This film is about lack of mobility within a relentlessly mobile society.†– Laura Stewart

“An unusual portrait of an almost mythical Americaâ€. – Rotterdam Film Festival

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