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Robert Todd

7 min., 16mm, 2015, USA

“Moving through fall’s end and beginning, falling.†– Robert Todd

1 Part 7

Reynold Reynolds

6 min., 16mm on video, 2014, USA/Germany

“1 Part 7 takes as its point of departure a Renaissance image that purports to demonstrate the rules of linear mathematical perspective, to take up historically similar questions of experience and of self.†– Reynold Reynolds


Monteith McCollum

8 min., video, 2014, USA

“Soundprint explores the marks left by sonic frequencies on various materials and landscapes, natural and artificial. Imagery from optical soundtracks and microphotography of record grooves play against similar signals received by sand, water, and people.†– Monteith McCollum

Die Bergfrau

Kerstin Neuwirth

18 min., 16mm on video, 2014, Austria/Germany

“Hallways. Doors. A donkey. The mother. Water is flooding the room. A girl in a river between vision and memory.†– Kerstin Neuwirth

The Queen of Material

Rajee Samarasinghe

2 min, 16mm on video, 2014, Sri Lanka/USA

“A short procession of colorful material and a mysterious woman lit by the sun. A paean to Kenneth Anger.†– Rajee Samarasinghe



Ben Russell

24 min., Video, 2014, Malta

“Loosely framed by Plato’s invocation of the lost continent of Atlantis in 360 BC and its re-re-resurrection via a 1970s science fiction pulp novel, Atlantis is a documentary portrait of Utopia — an island that has never / forever existed beneath our too-mortal feet.†–Ben Russell

La Isla Está Encantada con Ustedes (The Island Is Enchanted with You)

Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt

24 min., video, 2014, USA/Switzerland/Australia

“By interweaving strands of colonial and postcolonial history, the filmmakers of La Isla está Encantada con Ustedes have created a lyrical work that mirrors and expands on dynamics of power and lust. A modern roundelay that restages the past in the present. Led by a gaze of sexual innuendo, this is a comedy in which reality is subordinate to strategies of power – while revealing the closely intertwined nature of health and economics, in the past and present.†– Berlinale

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