Come watch Fantastical, Funny, Friendly, Freakish Films from the 2011 Festival!
Local Filmmakers! the rock and the roll, animation, humor, drama and a chromographic 3D movie!

Drink Specials:
$3 Drafts, $4 Well Drinks, & per usual $10 Martini + Manicures!

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Come celebrate another great year with the Chicago Underground!

The 70 minute program:

(not necessarily showing in this order)

Peripetei’em Andrew Mauset-Mooney 3 min., 16mm on Video, 2009, CHICAGO

A sudden reversal of circumstances. (AMM)

Lázslo Lassú Ben Popp, 3 min., Animation, 2010, PORTLAND

This music film for the band A Hawk and A Hacksaw recites the story about a couple torn apart by the recesses of space. Music however can transcend all obstacles and through it the two lovers are re-united in their hearts. (BP)

Uncontrollable Joy for Life Kari Corbett and Crispin Rosenkranz, 7 min., Video, 2010, CHICAGO

Slices of identity, authenticity, complicity, manipulation, documentary and truth make one weird video pie. “…If you gave an alien, a camera and a text book on how to make a video, this is what you’d get. We couldn’t decide if it was genius or madness.” – the director of the Glasgow Film Festival. (KC & CUFF)

Unicornhole Lucas Dimick and Dax Norman 5 min., Animation , 2011, AUSTIN

What started out as an homage to 1970’s b-movies turns into a Public Service Announcement, when a car race takes a turn toward the unexpected. (LD)

Spaceboy Mike Olenick 7 min.,Video, 2009, COLUMBUS

While traveling through the cosmos, Spaceboy encounters the mysteriousand sexy Velana, who only has one thing on her mind. Will Spaceboy survive Velana’s tempting gaze or will he die of love in a cruel embrace? Featuring a cybernetic score by Jeremy Boyle. (MO)

Mercurial Madness Kerry Lataila 7 min.,Chromographic 3D Video, 2010, SAN FRANCISCO

Light/Color Taffy bends and pulls in a vortex of sinuous delight; forms in space mutate and spin their way into the retinas of the viewers. (KL)  We’ll provide special glasses!

The Blockbuster Tapes Daniel Martinico 6 min.,Video, 2009, LOS ANGELES

THE BLOCKBUSTER TAPES documents a three-year endeavor in which VHS tapes were rented, subtly modified, and returned to the store. (DM)

The Forest Steven Summers 16 min., Video, 2010, CHICAGO

A mystical exploration on the tension within the male psyche involving lust, fear, temptation, and shame. The story follows two parallel characters, a young boy discovering the world around him and a deer hunter secluded alone in the forest. Each struggles with the recognition of who they truly are and how to face this reality. (SS)

Beads Andrew Rosinski 8 min., 35mm on Video, 2010, CHICAGO Look to Nature Find Divine Beads String and set in motion

The Earth plants seeds (AR)

Moby Dick Tony Balko 8 min., Video, 2010, MILWAUKEE

Revisiting the footage of John Bonham’s classic performance and twisting a solo into a duet, Moby Dick brings together sincere fandom with a futile attempt to collaborate. (TB)

Come out Monday nights for our latest showcase as artists of all types descend upon Beauty Bar to bring to life works that defy traditional genres. SALONATHON strives to support the creation of new, emerging and underground art in Chicago and beyond.

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