» SHORTS 12: Of Ever-Ever Land I speak

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Picture Particles

Thorsten Fleisch

5 min., Video, 2014, Germany

“Individual elements from a carrier of visual information have been isolated to construct alternative visual reagents evoking a golden ratio of the mind’s eye.†– Thorsten Fleisch

In A Perfect Fever

Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney

8 min., Video, 2015, United States

“In a Perfect Fever riffs on a ubiquitous trick in film and television history, where the switching of a “practical” light — a light source within the frame — serves as a moment of conspiracy between filmmakers, characters, and audience, allowing drastic, even impossible changes to the scene while still functioning as a believable, diegetic moment.†– Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney


Richard Ashrowan

17 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

“Speculum is a moving image sigil, a rehabilitation of the present through the prism of the past. The work explores ancient theories of matter in which luminous emanation gives rise to physical form.†– Richard Ashrowan

Night Noon

Shambhavi Kaul

11 min., Video, 2014, Mexico/USA

Night Noon sets up dialectical dread in Death Valley with a series of uncanny shots of eroded, geological formations and dunes that seemingly fold into night skies and shimmering waters.” – Andréa Picard

Ginza Strip

Dianna Barrie, Richard Tuohy

9 min., 16mm, 2014, Australia

“The Ginza of fable and memory. This is the first film I have finished using the ‘chromaflex’ technique that we developed. This is a very much hands on color developing procedure that allows selected areas of the film to be color positive, color negative, or black and white.“ – Dianna Barrie, Richard Tuohy

Memento Mori

Pelin Kirca

4 min., Video, 2014, Turkey

“A vignette about life in general.†– Pelin Kirca


Jeremy Moss

7 min., Video, 2014, USA

“An experience in layers, scars, and deterioration. The image oozes, rips, and bubbles, emulating both creationist and destructive impulses. The 16mm footage was created and manipulated at Ontario’s renowned Independent Imaging Retreat (aka Film Farm).†– Jeremy Moss

The Stroboscope

Justin Lincoln

4 min., Video, 2014, United States

“Violent Abstraction. An homage to the Structural films of Paul Sharits. Sound produced with Little Bits/Korg Synth Kit. The colors are generated from a feed of images in the blogging platform Tumblr and manipulated in the programming language Processing. (Warning. Strong stroboscopic effect. May cause seizures.)†– Justin Lincoln


Stephanie Barber

3 min., Video, 2014, United States

“A brief poetic collage of 16mm home movie footage from Egypt in the 1950s, elements of Capra’s “Lost Horizon” soundtrack and a small and frustrated boy. There is so much to say about Shangri-La. It is, like the horizon, always present, always out of reach. You need not attach whistles to the wings of birds to locate it. It is right over there. Look.†– Stephanie Barber


Manuel Alvarez Diestro

9 min., Video, 2013, United Kingdom

“Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world. As there is no much space available, new towns are adjacent to the cemeteries. These days in Hong Kong the world of the living coexists with the one of the dead. Meanwhile, Hong Kong inhabitants move from place to place. They are waiting for a final displacement.†– Manuel Alvarez Diestro

Limited Speech Holds Endless Misunderstandings

Orr Menirom

10 min., Video, 2013, USA


“Based on an interview between linguist and political-activist Noam Chomsky and an Israeli News reporter. The interview is cut into individual words, and recompose into monologue told by a hybrid character that is both male and female, a mixture of Chomsky and the reporter’s words and identities.“ – Orr Menirom