Part movie premiere, part DIY party, Make Out Party isn’t just a film — it’s an immersive world you can enjoy for the night!

The event starts at 7pm, Screening at 8:30 with dance party to follow.

About the Film:

Directed by Emily Esperanza, Make Out Party is a no-budget, high-style comedy of errors that follows three vibrant characters though a day of misadventure as they set out to attend hostess Mary Woah’s Make Out Party. The featurette is inextricably connected to the queer artistic communities that inspired it, challenging mainstream archetypes around gender and sexuality in both its creative process and content.

Presented by:
The Chicago Underground Film Festival, presented by IFP Chicago, is dedicated to the work of film and video makers with defiantly independent visions.

Full Spectrum Features is a Chicago-based nonprofit committed to diversity in film and television by supporting the work of women, LGBTQ, and minority filmmakers.

Hosted by:
VAM STUDIO is a full service production company with emphasis on producing videos for musicians and record labels, foundations and non-profits, nightlife and art identities.

*Location to be provided upon ticket purchase.

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