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Joan Antúnez

17 min., Video, 2015, Spain

“Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic? No. In Out, a documentary filmed during a professional tennis tournament in Barcelona, the main characters are those who remain outside of the play field lines, almost invisible for television. This visual essay leads the viewer to the hidden world of ball boys, line judges and chair umpires. An environment not as glamorous as the one of tennis players but also full of tension and emotions.†– Joan Antúnez

Living Stars

Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn

73 Min., Video, 2014, Spain

“This remarkable, moving documentary presents dozens of real people in Buenos Aires, in long static tripod takes, simply dancing to pop music. In their kitchens, offices, and garages, identified in the film by their name and occupation, they include all ages, diverse lifestyles and all levels of talent, each with a common and infectious enthusiasm. In the background, their pets, families and friends go about their lives – playing video games, welding, reading magazines, watching with amusement or joining in. Everything in the frame, both incidental and carefully arranged, contributes to a loving portrait of each person, and of the universal qualities of all people. The seemingly simple premise has an overwhelming cumulative effect of shared humanity and pure joy, consistently surprising and endlessly fascinating.†– Nina Riddel, Spectacle

 “There’s a world of backstory in the details: the mom willing to steer a fan so her son’s cape will flap in the breeze, the brother who rolls his eyes as his older sister gets sexy, the daughter who can’t stop laughing as her dad shakes it to the Spice Girls. I’ve never seen anything that gave me more hope for equality and tolerance than a young man in his kitchen in full drag grinding it to “Toxic†in front of his entire family. When his wig flies off, grandma leaps to hand it back, and as he slipped it back on with a diva flourish, the crowd around me burst into applause.†– LA Weekly

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