Join us this evening as we keep the fire burning after Friday night’s CUFF screenings with a raucous set from Chicago’s inimitable rascally punk-rock rabbit, NOBUNNY! The last time we partied with the bunny-masked party machine was last year for the Empty Bottle’s #EB25 get-down with QUINTRON + PUSSYCAT and we’re stoked as hell for him to tear our stage apart once again. To say we’re excited for NOBUNNY’s one-man pop-punk onslaught would be a gross understatement — almost as gross as that mask. NOBUNNY’s infectiously hooky tunes and lusty outlook have earned comparisons to THE RAMONES, HASIL ADKINS, and THE CRAMPS, while his untamed (and sometimes bottomless) stage shows have led some to call him a cuddly version of G.G. ALLIN.

Blacker Face
BLACKER FACE is an afropunk/blues/rock ensemble from the heart of Chicago’s DIY scene. This raging collective is here to spew out their visceral dance of anti-oppression knowledge on all who dare to experience. It’s chaotic, it’s energetic as all hell and it’s just what the doctor ordered. 

New supergroup AWEFUL featuring Traci Trouble (Hotlips Messiah, Wanton Looks, Paper Bullets), Lucy Dekay (Mystery Actions) and Jaclyn Vorel (Panzer, Still Machine) debuts tonight. It’s propulsive, it’s rank, and straight to the point. AWEFUL will have you belting their lyrics proud like it’s the got dam new national anthem. Atten….tion!

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