Thanks to everyone who donated and passed the word around.  This just means that the festival will be EVEN BETTER than you had previously imagined.  We’d never be able to do this without you- so thanks again.  And again.

Donors:  Anonymous, Adam S, Adrianne Finelli, Allan Roysdon, Amanda Joy Sidell, Amelia St. Peter-Blair, Amy J. Boyd, Angela Maycock, Anthony Buchanan, Azazel Jacobs, Benjamin Balcom, Benjamin Meyer, Bill Reitman, Bill Siegel, Bob Judd, Brandon Doherty,, Brendan & Jeremy Smyth, Brett Kashmere, Brian Ashby, Brian Herrera, Carolyn Faber, Charles Wing, Chris Sullivan, Christy Lemaster, Corey Doyle, Craig Schmidt, Craig Smith, Daana Leather, Daniel Martinico, Daniel Moore, Daniel Plotnick, Darrin Martin, Dave McLeod, David Gilleran, David Schalliol, David E Williams, David Wilson, Deborah Mozer, Dennis Avelar, Diego Ramirez, Ed Marszewski, Edward Crouse, Ekrem Serder, Emily Casares, Eric Boadella, George William Price, Gordon Quinn, Grace McPhillips Lunsford, Ivan R Lozano, J. Neil Blackman, Jack Kirshbaum, James Staskauskas, Janis White, Jason Halprin, Jason Pickl- eman, Jay Hollinsworth, Jeffery Lambert, Jennifer Childs, Jennifer Gentile, Jeremy Silva, Jessica Everleth, Jim Haverkamp, Jim Jacob, Joan Hawkins, Jodie Mack, Joe Tropea, Joel Potrykus, Johan Carlsen, John Fecile, Judy Fiskin, Julia Mayer, Julia Zinn, Julie Finch, Karen Johannesen, Kate Dollenmayer, Kate Raney, Kathleen Rugh, Kenny Reed, Kenta McGrath, Kerry S Brown, Kerstin Fooken, Kevin M Ripp, Kevin Monahan, Kristin Reeves, Laura Lambert, Lisa Barcy, Lisa Swanson, Little Ginelli, Lorenzo Gattorna, Luis E. Salas, Madeline Fix Hanson, Manchershaw Engineer, Marcy Donelson, Mark Mackowiak, Mark Toscano, Megan Lutz & Clark Murray, Michael Gitlin, Michael Phillips, Michael Robinson, Michael Wawzenek, Michelle Handelman, Mike Everlith, Mike Gibisser, Mike Rollo, Mike White, Mirka Morales, Nancy Pienta, Nancy Watrous, Natalie R Domchenko, Natalija Vekic, Nicholas Osborn, Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Nina Riddel, Paul Tarrago, Peter Horst, Rachel Wolther, Renee Domenz, Richard Barber, Rob Christopher, Rob Ray, Roddy Bogawa, Rondell Merrill, Russell Sheaffer, Ryan Jewell, Ryan P Crowley, Sarah Christman, Sarah Morton, Scott Cummings, Scott Hoffman, Scott Stark, Sean S Jourdan, Shade Rupe, Skizz Cyzyk, Soda_Jerk, Steve Polta, Sue Klaus, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Tamara L. Smith, Theresa Markham, Thomas Gunning, Torsten Zenas Burns, Troy Bernier, Usama Alshaibi, Vic Zimet, Warren Cockerham, Zach Clark, Zachary Epcar.


From January 9th, 2013

We’ve just launched an indiegogo campaign to help fund

the 20th Chicago Underground Film Festival.

Please help us make this anniversary year one to remember!

 The CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL (CUFF) is a showcase of defiant and offbeat cinema that confronts the tired, the market-driven, and the predictable. Through its five-day program of adventurous, experimental works, CUFF celebrates the artistic, aesthetic, and just plain old fun side of independent filmmaking while challenging and transcending commercial and audience expectations.

Much more than a film festival, CUFF has gained a reputation as one of Chicago’s most anticipated cross-cultural events, and 2013 will see the festival entering our twentieth year. Come celebrate with us on this landmark anniversary! We have lots of exciting films, guests, parties, and entertainment planned. This year we are also excited to move to the newly refurbished Logan Theater and to be a part the active cultural scene of the Logan Square neighborhood. With these changes come some new financial challenges. In order to accommodate as many film and video formats as we can, we will need to rent some additional equipment. We will continue to provide travel stipends and lodging to filmmakers to attend the Festival, as well as paying for additional budget costs such as printing, advertising, and shipping. As external funding sources for the arts continue to disappear, it has become increasingly difficult for festivals to provide these essentials and maintain the quality we seek to provide to our audiences and guests. Your donation will have a direct effect in sustaining CUFF’s role as a dynamic, challenging, and fun part of Chicago’s cultural calendar and film festival circuit.

Check out our pledge levels—we want to thank you for your efforts, but feel free to pledge any amount you wish!  No rules! If you are unable to contribute then please take a moment to share this campaign with your friends.


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