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Notes From The Anthropocene

Terra Jean Long

16 min., video, 2014, Canada

“A wry, speculative faux-nature film which looks at mythic dinosaurs that resist domestication and seek to transcend fantasies of human dominion.†– Terra Jean Long


Fort Morgan

Alexander Stewart

22 min., Video, 2014, USA

“Fort Morgan uses live-action footage and drawn animation to examine the geometric plan, physical materials, and structure of a 200-year-old fort on the Alabama coast. “ – Alexander Stewart

Immortality, home and elsewhere

Sasha Litvintseva

12 min., Video, 2014, United Kingdom

“Weaving around a theory of immortality based on the premise that our lives are a summation of all the information we consume and process, the film draws on my personal history’s brush with a global nuclear disaster, to precipitate a meditation on the potential role of an individual in the imaginary film/event of our individual or collective death: as a protagonist, or as an extra appearing in a handful of frames at the very moment of their death.†– Sasha Litvintseva

Under The Heat Lamp an Opening

Zachary Epcar

10 min., video, 2014, USA

“An expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird’s-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior.†– Zachary Epcar

Don’t Go Away

Christine Kirouac

25 min., video, 2011, Canada/USA

“From celebration to squabbles, food serves as a microcosm for the push/pull of family dynamics. Coming from a French-Canadian restaurant family, Kirouac’s experiences of familial relations have been continually filtered through the ubiquitous, yet intimate act of cooking. In Don’t Go Away, Kirouac combines these histories and emotions into a mediated conversation with her now deceased father “Fernie”. By hiring through two female actors to play the “daughter†opposite him in his televised CBC cooking show that aired from 1976-78, watchers are witness to the vulnerability, humor, discomfort, endearment and even underlying antagonism, typical in all our families.†– Christine Kirouac

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