» L For Leisure

“An impressionistic, episodic comedy about laziness, wandering and wasting time. Hanging out with teenagers when you’re thirty, smoking nutmeg to get high and eating pie until you fall asleep. Teaching a dog to boogie board. Set to the rhythm of the school-year calendar, L For Leisure tracks the changes to the collected spirit of a group of graduate students through 1992-93 as they go on various vacations. Sprinkled among activities like coed wrestling, macking on teenagers, and naps, are soliloquies on the heavy and heady topics of the day. With a low-fi 16mm style that recalls 90s television, home videos and underground comic books, L For Leisure is a unique piece of deeply independent filmmaking, reveling in excesses of both lush beauty and awkward humor.†– Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn

Preceded by:

En Plein Air

Jerzy Rose

9 min., 16mm on video, 2014, USA

“An outdoor painting instructor takes an objectionable interest in an attractive young couple’s summer romance.†– Jerzy Rose