Monday January 9, 2012
screening starts at 9pm

Hosted bar from 8pm to 9pm!!
(with RSVP to:

Drink Specials:$3 Drafts, $4 Well Drinks, & per usual $10 Martini + Manicures!

Films include:

This Is My Show (Honorable Mention CUFF 2010)
Lori Felker 15 min. Chicago

“Only the best in high definition gardening television” (LF)

L’Internationale (Best Experimental Film CUFF 2010)
Marianna Milhorat 9 min. Chicago

“In a foreign landscape , futuristic factories and boreholes harvesting geothermal steam interact with natural forces. Recognizable objects raise questions regarding an insinuated narrative. A solitary figure posing with a gun suggests an unstable political environment; emptiness suggests extinction” (MM)

Magic For Beginners
Jesse Mclean 20 min. Chicago

“Magic for Beginners examines the mythologies found in fan culture, from longing to obsession to psychic connections. The need for such connections (whether real or imaginary) as well as the need for an emotional release that only fantasy can deliver are explored.” (JM)

Sincerity: The Character of Ronald Reagan (Best Documentary Short CUFF 2010)
Chris Royalty 6 min. New York

“SINCERITY draws upon White House Military Office footage from 1984 and 1985 surrounding Ronald Reagan’s re-election to the presidency, and examines issues of authenticity, privacy, and performance in the maintenance of public identity.” (CR)

Scott Cummings 9 min. New York

“”Let’s just say this is gonna hurt.” (SC)

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