Red Rider’s Lament Jeremy Bessoff 18 minutes, CHICAGO

“A tragicomic Western animation employing plastic cowboys and construction paper sets to explore the enactment of masculinity in the Old West.†(JB)

Sedimenting Emilie Crewe 12 min, CHICAGO…VANCOUVER

“[] carries the home around as an extension of the body, creating a temporal habitat that serves a specific function. Collecting grapefruit skins and tiny pebbles, [] systematically arranges objects in the fashion that a bowerbird prepares a nest. Each object is important.†(EC)

River, Come Back Nina Barnett 6 min, CHICAGO

“Inspired by the Chicago River’s famous current reversal in 1887 and the state of rivers in cities throughout the world, this animation serves as a psycho-geographical text, and an earnest request to a river to change it’s course. There is a pervading sense of longing and urgency in the narrative, and an admission of process in moments when the drawn meets the real, when image becomes live action.†(NB)

I Give You Life Latham Owen Zearfoss 12 minutes, CHICAGO

“A short experimental video that tries to re-insert the missing words from Dennis Shepard’s courtroom speech back into the re-enactment of that same speech from the HBO film, ‘The Laramie Project.’ ‘†(LZ)

Good Housekeeping Emily Oscarson 18 minutes, CHICAGO

“In her apartment, a woman obsessively cleans in an effort to live up to the standards of the housekeeping magazines she admires. An homage to Chantal Akerman, Good Housekeeping employs long takes as a strategy to observe how her admiration becomes a fetish.” (EO)

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