Hosted by: CUFF & Ed Marszweiski (Lumpen/Co-Prosperity Sphere)

– Thanks to our homies at Goose Island Beer Co. we will be providing RSVP’ers world class craft brews at all our Tastemaker Meetups, on the house of course!

– Since we love us some Red Bull & Titos Vodka, Do312 will be providing Red Bull & Titos cocktails as well.

– Movie snacks and concessions will be a-plenty!

– Get your 2014 Chicago Underground Film Festival program books

Followed by a VIP screening of Crimes Against Humanity

RSVP IS SUBJECT TO CAPACITY.  There is usually space for everyone but keep in mind that seating at Logan Theatre is limited. First folks to show up with RSVP will be admitted to the movie.

Crimes Against Humanity
Jerzy Rose, 77 min., video, 2013, USA

Official Selection Slamdance Film Festival Official Selection Boston Underground Film Festival

Best Comedy Atlanta Underground Film Festival

“A priggish dean’s assistant at the local university spearheads an investigation into a possible satanic cabal in the ethnomusicology department; meanwhile his weepy, maudlin girlfriend Brownie becomes the victim of several freak accidents after cheating on him with a mysterious sweetheart. Crimes Against Humanity is a nihilistic romp through gossipy academic parties, boozy-stake outs, and surreal bedtime stories.â€â€”Jerzy Rose

“Rose and co-writer Halle Butler are masters of wry humor, delighting in their characters’ self-pity, casual dishonesty and cruelty. Mike Lopez and Lyra Hill are beyond perfect in the lead roles, generating spark showers of subtextual resentment in their scenes together.”—Paul Sbrizzi, Slamdance Film Festival

“Recalls the fiction of Thomas Pynchon in its mix of conspiracy plots, academic references, and loopy humor…Rose creates a distinct, propulsive rhythm for the comic dialogue.â€â€”Chicago Reader

“Star Lyra Hill’s wide-eyed, increasingly mangled deadpan gaze is worthy of a silent comedy all its own.â€â€”Chicago Tribune


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