Digital intermediate (DI) technology is evolving as an exciting creative tool for filmmakers in both the independent and big-budget arenas. Learn from the front lines of the DI process how to push the envelope and get all the benefits of digital tools for designing the visual palette of your film, while reducing costs and enhancing the quality of the viewing experience. Industry experts show how the digital intermediate process can empower filmmakers at all budget levels, both creatively and financially.

Music and Sound Design: 2:30 to 3:45
Moderator: Mark Messing (Maestro-Matic), Randy Bobo (Spirit Award Winner “Sweetlandâ€), Lou Mallozzi (Experimental Sound Studio),
Liz Storm (Movie Trax)

Low budget filmmakers cannot underestimate the importance of music and sound design in enhancing the movie going experience. In this discussion music supervisors, sound designers and composers will treat us to some of their tricks and secrets that can help overcome the limitations of budget and will look at some of the rights and licensing issues involved in the use of music in movies.

“Night Tide†Case Study: 4:00 to 5:15
Ed Crouse, Mark Toscano (Academy Film Archive), Tom Gunning (University of Chicago)

This panel will examine the adventuresome, macabre and quirky filmography of filmmaker Curtis Harrington. It will also look at the process involved in the restoration of “Night Tide,†Harrington’s fiendishly cultish 1961 tale starring Dennis Hopper in his first film role as sailor Johnny Drake about a dark romance between a sailor and a sideshow performer, who just may be a murderous mermaid.

Break-out Session
Kodak: 3:00

A mini session with Ericka Frederick and Scott Stevens of Kodak who will discuss the latest developments in Kodak film stock with emphasis on the low budget and experimental filmmaker.

Saturday, November 1: Getting Your Movie Seen

Working the Festival Circuit: 10:00 to 11:00 am
Matt Dentler ((formerly of SXSW, currently of Cinetic Media Digital Rights Management)), Kevin Monahgan (Boston Underground),
Donald Harrison (Ann Arbor Film Festival)

For filmmakers and audiences film festivals are a vital point of entry into the international film culture. Learn from festival programmers about the unique aspects of their festivals, does and don’t for festival submissions, and how to relax and enjoy the festival experience

Gallery and Art Film Exhibition: 11:15 to 12:15 pm
Moderator: Amy Beste (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Abina Manning (Video Data Bank), Donald Young (Donald Young Gallery), Jennifer Reeder (CUFF Filmmaker)

For certain films art galleries and museums may be the best venue in getting a film seen. This discussion will take a truly fresh approach to getting your movie seen as filmmakers, gallery owners and art world representatives explore the world of gallery and art film exhibition.

New Media Exploitation: 12:30 to 1:30 pm
Matt Dentler (Cinetic Digital Rights Management), Tami Yeager (Tribeca Film Institute, ReFrame), Dan Brown ( Digital Business Development)

As Hollywood’s corporations and creative talent have squared off over the emerging world of new media, the past year has seen a steady migration of content to the internet as companies and filmmakers alike struggle to adapt to the emerging world of New Media. This panel of New Media experts will examine the challenges and opportunities presented by new media and will address the question of whether filmmakers will be the exploiters or exploited in the Brave New World of New Media.

CUFF Directors Panel: 1:45 to 2:45 pm

The Summit will close with this lively discussion about the creative process, CUFF and everything else featuring an eclectic mix of directors with films in CUFF 2008.

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