Drink Specials:$3 Drafts, $4 Well Drinks, & per usual $10 Martini + Manicures!

Films include:

Playing Alive by Mike Olenick 16 min
“Playing Alive reassembles the entire career of John Travolta to create a new and unexpected portrait of the Hollywood actor. The video turns appropriated imagery from over forty of Travolta’s films into an existential meditation focusing on his numerous onscreen death scenes and the dichotomies of mind and body, real and fake, and alive and dead. It transforms dialogue from his films into an interior monologue about his dissatisfaction with Hollywood and his place in it while simultaneously positioning his acting career in the context of Scientology, the religion he follows off screen.” (M.O.)

Boxcartoon by Matt Marsden 10 min
Boxcartoon is an animated ‘exquisite corpse’ collaboration in which the filmmaker selected three animators with a similar interest in the fantastic and grotesque to create glimpses of the unearthly. (M.M.)

Video Terraform Dance Party by Jeremy Bailey 12 min
“In Video Terraform Dance Party director Jeremy Bailey plays an enthusiastic nerd channeling Bob Ross as he dons a forehead-mounted VR controller to demonstrate new modeling software that will allow him to bop his head around and ‘plan the ideal landscape’.” – Marisa Olson

Boxes, Jesus and Sandwiches by Jennifer Matotek 2 min
“I just found this really bitchin record with a doomsday cult recording from the 80s, and thought about the 80s, and the whole weird conservative thing that was happening, which is happening now, and I just thought, fuck it, let’s throw some stuff together.” (J.M.)

Voice On The Line by Kelly Sears 7 min
“Enchanting operators, covert government plots, Cold War paranoia and ordinary telephones forever changed how we got in touch with one another..” (K.S.)

Prison Beta by Lucas Dimick 22 min
“Catastrophic events are set in motion after millions of E.T. Atari Video Game Cartridges become radioactive as a result of being buried near the trinity nuclear test site in New Mexico.” (L.D.)

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