Referral (Beutaló nélkül sehova)

A teenage girl’s coming of age story through the maze of healthcare’s bureaucracy: Lili wants birth control pills because she plans to lose her virginity.

“We had to shoot the film at a hospital which was out of service, because the other functioning hospitals were banned by the government to give shoot-approval -due to their bad condition.This threat is still exists, since most of our hospitals are looking like a post-apocalyptic zombie-sets..Wish I was kidding though!

We’ve been rejected by 9 hospitals (due to this mentioned collective ban, but also because of the screenplay’s “critical portray of the healthcare bureaucracy”), and I was desperate. I called my mom and she told me a story about a closed hospital – where I went immediately and I got a contact from a security guard there, who told me the place is haunted (it was indeed: we didn’t have water or electricity, and we had to furnish the place like a “functioning” hospital, what took us 2 exhausting weeks. But we’ve pulled it off! :))

BONUS FUN FACT IN THE ANECDOTE: this abandoned hospital was switching its owner from the hospital to the government during that time (because they wanted to build a new marble-castle on the property), so I needed to request the government’s institute for the shoot approval, directly. By that time, I knew I have to censor my screenplay – so I cut the “risky parts” out and I got a green light easily. 🙂

The Hungarian premier of the film will be on the 65th Hungarian Independent Film Festival on the first week of this October and honestly.. I’m a bit afraid it might have a big scandal because I played the government’s system out. But I don’t care. Certain stories needed to be told!” – Annabella Schnabel

YEAR 2019 RUNTIME 15 minutes LANGUAGE Hungarian COUNTRY Hungary

FILMMAKER Annabella Schnabel


Hundreds of motorbikes are animated frame by frame in this homage to the iconic motorcycle design and culture of the 1950s and 60s. A rider prepares his bike and departs on an idealised journey into the countryside and into the future.

YEAR 2018 RUNTIME 6 minutes COUNTRY Portugal, United Kingdom


I have Mike Pence’s dick in a pickle jar. Want to see it?

While cruising for sex, a gay man has a once in a lifetime chance to right some recent political wrongs and make America great again.

“Both of my lead actors are from Indiana like Mike Pence. My lead actor HATES pickles.” – Todd Verow

YEAR 2020 RUNTIME 5 minutes LANGUAGE English COUNTRY United States PREMIERE Midwest Premiere

FILMMAKER Todd Verow and Charles Lum


Reflections of a day spent between three friends celebrating the beach, the waves and their brief time together.

YEAR 2019 RUNTIME 4 minutes COUNTRY United States PREMIERE Chicago Premiere

FILMMAKER Douglas Urbank

No Regrets From My Time As A Werewolf

A dream inside a castle.

YEAR 2019 RUNTIME 4 minutes LANGUAGE English COUNTRY United States

FILMMAKER Kaitlin Martin

Dick Pics! (A Documentary)

“Dick Pics!” is a short, stop-motion animated documentary that gathers men from all walks of life and asks them one of the most important questions of the modern era: “What in god’s name compels you to send pictures of your penis to non-consenting others?”

The film is made of thousands and thousands of literal paper dolls!

YEAR 2019 RUNTIME 12 minutes LANGUAGE English COUNTRY United States PREMIERE Chicago Premiere

FILMMAKER Hannah McSwiggen & Russell Sheaffer

Trauma Chameleon

An escaped laboratory rat navigates through a sea of punctuation.

“The rats movement was based on the movement of a friend rolling around on the floor.” – Gina Kamentsky 

YEAR 2019 RUNTIME 3 minutes COUNTRY United States PREMIERE Midwest Premiere

FILMMAKER Gina Kamentsky

Wives of Skin

1965, two stewardesses meet a photojournalist… who hopes they are what he thinks they are. along the way, Wives of the Skies comments upon the men’s gaze… and displays the Japanese art of rope binding, Kinbaku.

“The Kinbaku was done by Master “K” author of THE BEAUTY OF KINBAKU

And these actresses really had to be bound for hours during the shoot.” – Honey Lauren

YEAR 2020 RUNTIME 22 minutes LANGUAGE English COUNTRY United States PREMIERE Midwest Premiere

FILMMAKER Honey Lauren

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