Shorts 9: The One With Satan’s Baby

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Chicken Tuesdays Brandon Daley

10 min., 2017, USA

Will Gillman sets out to impress his date by bringing her to a chicken photography competition at a local bar.

Sundays on the River Kaitlin Martin

4 min., 2016, USA

A movie about looking for dead bodies in the St Joseph River while on a Sunday bike ride.

Troll: A Southern Tale Marinah Janello

12 min., USA

Troll: A Southern Tale takes the viewer on a journey through the mind of a oddball artist. The testimonies revealed in this short range from accounts of class issues to homicide. Each story culminates in the subject’s unique artistic view of his home state of Mississippi and its misrepresentation by out-of-town filmmakers…a perspective of the South that may otherwise be overlooked.

Panic Attack! Eileen O’Meara

3 min., 2016, USA

You know the nagging thoughts that start with “did I leave the coffee on?” and turn into “what if I give birth to Satan’s baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

Happy Place Alexander Phillips

9 min., 2016, USA

Close your eyes. Think of the beach. A single seagull screams above your head. Remember how your acting teacher made the perfect Pina Colada. First, blend up innocent souls into a green mixture, and then enjoy your beverage as respite between fucking their undead bodies. Step into your light. Sing.

Silverhead Lewis Vaughn

20 min., 2016, USA

A deranged, 300-pound masked ax murderer terrorizes the streets of Chicago as a calculated hunter tracks him.

Waste Justine Raczkiewicz

16 min., 2016, USA

Roger lives a grim and detached life, picking up medical waste for a living, but looks forward to his evening conversations with his quirky roommate and foodie, Olive. But as the meals become increasingly strange, and push the limits of curiosity, Roger must ask himself how far he will go for love?

Hell Follows Brian Harrison

11 min., 2016, Japan/United States

Betrayed by his clan and murdered for his past evil deeds, a sadistic killer’s soul possesses his identical twin’s body and sets out onto the road of vengeance for one final crusade of extermination. Everywhere he goes … HELL FOLLOWS. MUSIC BY THE DEATH GRIPS.

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