Shorts 4: The One With The Asbestos

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Reckoning 4 Kent Lambert

10 min., 2016, USA

RECKONING 4 is the second in a series of investigations into (among other things) 1. Terror and wonder in big-budget virtual worlds 2. The fluidity, fragility and loneliness of technologically mediated social identities and friendships 3. The queerness and malevolence of archetypal masculinity 4. The poetics of blockbuster aesthetics

Maelstroms Lana Z Caplan

8 min., 2016, USA

Using animation, heat sensitive camera footage from US border patrol screens, military bombing drone monitors, and other collected footage, Maelstroms is a meditation on the dehumanizing use of image technology in current practice.

How to have your / own television show! / (you already do) Jesse Malmed

13 min., 2016, USA

An unreliable narrator details how to deliver people in the age of surveillance from within and without, a how-to for lateral minds, a hippie family sitcommune set to a bootleg of Peter Hutton’s Florence, a drearily rousing theme song as gps-to-mp3 directions out to the country. With Henry Thomas, Vic Mizzy and Peter Hutton

Asbestos Sasha Litvintseva and Graeme Arnfield

20 min., 2016, UK

Shot in the mining town of Asbestos,Quebec, home to the world’s largest asbestos mine that only stopped extraction in 2012, the film is a meditation on the entanglement of the fragility of bodies, the nonlinearity of progress, and the persistence of matter.

Ark Lynne Siefert

32 min., 2016, USA

Part travelogue, part philosophical meditation, Ark is a film about decadence and illusion. Set in the not too distant future, in a post-apocalyptic world, Ark melds lurid surrealist imagery with sardonic musings of anonymous passengers aboard a cruise ship at the end of the world.

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