BALLAD OF A TEENAGE QUEEN C. 1986 Bart Woodstrup Short 4:00 Video 1986/2003 Ever wondered what to do with those embarrassing home movies from the time when you were just discovering music and video art? If you have a sense of humor about it and happen to be Bart Woodstrup, you send them to CUFF. And if you happen to be singing along to “Talk Dirty to Me” while playing air guitar on a guitar with no strings, we’ll show it in the festival this year. Circa four minutes of pure enjoyment.


Deron Grams Documentary 15:00 Video 2003 WORLD PREMIERE Veteran stalwarts Six Feet Under are a successful underground death metal act, working hard to maintain their position in the scene. SIX FEET UNDERGROUND illustrates the unglamorous work behind their effort, while also examining the societal elements of the music.


Laura Kraning Documentary 19:00 Video 2002 Shot over a period of years from the director’s own window, this video, similar in tone and texture to Wim Wenders ONE DOLLAR DIARY, explores the juxtapositions in lifestyles among the interesting characters that dwell in one of NYC’s only alleys. The eccentricities and hardships of those who call Cortlandt Alley home are brought out through there encounters with the police, and finally as they are pushed aside for an AC/DC music video shoot in which verisimilitude must be reached only after negating reality.


David Frazier and Sean Scanlan Documentary 17:00 Video 2002 Taiwan Ritualistic church burnings, Satanism, horse fucking, and the death of Euronymous as explained by black metal stars Dark Funeral. “It’s about a black metal band playing a black metal show in a black metal documentary starring five satanic Swedes.”  – Frazier & Scanlan


Jeroen Offerman Experimental 8:00 Video United Kingdom/Netherlands “My piece is based on the hysteria that surrounded certain music recordings of the 1960s and 70s. Some rock bands, like the Beatles, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin were supposed to have put hidden messages in their records that could only be heard when played backwards. These messages would subconsciously be picked up by the listener who would then react in response to them.”  – Jeroen Offerman


Joe Losurdo Short 14:00 Video 2003 WORLD PREMIERE Chicago There’s usually a thick line between brilliant satire and complete stupidity, and the Goblins have spent the bulk of their career making that line appear thinner and thinner. Their latest project continues this inane tradition. Adopting the model of the acclaimed Wilco documentary I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART, this short follows the masked band through the creative process of completing their self-proclaimed brilliant new album. Egos, jealousy, tin ears, firings and hirings and gastrointestinal problems plague the recording process. When the record label rejects the finished project, the Goblins, and the viewing audience, learn a harsh but ultimately fruitful lesson about how the music industry really works.

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