THE FOUNTAIN James Fotopoulos Experimental 60:00 Video 2003 Chicago WORLD PREMIERE Part of a cycle of long form videos produced by the director in the last year, THE FOUNTAIN is a key work linking the psychological excavations of his 16mm features with the formal non-narrative abstraction of his recent video work. “This first cycle uses production that was not trapped by ideals or a pursuit of a “world” or ideal of a world I want to create (which is how all my work is) – which is the failure of most art. Much of it was geared for primitive simple production and intricate controlled post. Some elements are done in a performance manner and created impulsively in camera and then re-organized with computers. They were in-camera pieces – in camera in the textures of the painting and sculptures and this was geared for using the computer to hopefully push these elements forward – beyond their textures. A similar approach was used with the sound. Part of this with all my work is some type of caricature when dealing with the images themselves and the sound. Only keeping a thread of the representative and to minimize identification. The attempt to create a hyper or heightened artifice. This of course varies depending on the medium and tools used.” “Video is the logical step forward from film. They are not separate but part of the same human need – video is a more evolved mode than film and so on. I’m sure in the future something else will be invented to even more intricately and easily explore the world than video is proving to do, something that mirrors the internal life or the meeting of mind and matter even more clearly. Something separate from the natural world, unlike anything in it, but can work in harmony with it – as video does so much more that film does. The ability to take something that exists naturally and make something that cannot exist in that natural world. Film, even in its most abstract forms is always part of that tunnel rooting back to the objects of the earth – and remains there. Whereas video can use those objects and become and object itself – but is completely detached – it can deal with matter, but be free from the weight of it. These new technologies allow us to reach deeper into a purity and into what we believe is the inner spirit. They also allow us, if handled properly, to not be enslaved by the tools but to bridge and draw links to other mediums.”  – James Fotopoulos

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