2016 CUFF Best Comedy Award Winner Available Online

Brandon Daley’s 2016 Chicago Underground Film Festival Jury Prize winner for Best Comedy, SAVASANA is available on the very computer you’re staring at right now, via NO BUDGE.


*Online Premiere* A soft-spoken father takes refuge in yoga classes to escape parenting responsibilities and leer at women in tight yoga gear. Anchored by a hilariously low-key Paul Gordon (a veteran on the no-budget scene), the short wears its juvenile heart on its sleeve, and for a comedy, delivers surprisingly rich atmosphere (shot by Drew Angle) and sound design.

When Paul returns home from yoga, his wife produces a bong that she found in their son’s bedroom, and insists Paul deal with it. Taking a roundabout approach, Paul gets stoned (after learning how to take bong rip from a YouTube video) and drifts off in a bizarre fantasy. After which, he has a breakthrough in how to talk with his son.

Written, directed, and edited by Brandon Daley, Savasana finds just the right tone of comic edge and dreamy haziness, and gets some big laughs from Gordon with his signature monotone delivery. (9 minutes).