– February 9, 2014

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Shorts Program 9: Wants Mired
89 min.

Home Near Water Christopher Lange, USA, 2013

16 min., Video

Brad attempts to preserve love within his dying marriage, which coincides with his gradual transformation into a fish-like creature. Filmed in a painterly style, this experimental drama flows with visual and musical vigor, reflecting the existential and spiritual transformation of its main character. – Christopher Lange

Mother and daughter learning how to play Ghost in the Graveyard in the presence of their future graves Katie Condon, USA, 2013

9 min., Video

A mother and daughter learn how to play Ghost in the Graveyard in the presence of their future graves.

After Hours Karen Yasinsky, USA,2013

10 min., Video

After Hours originated with thoughts on senseless violence, cultural observation and hypnotism. My meditations on these involve anxiety and a sense of expectation (running from the personal and then elsewhere) which helped form the structure. Many of the images are repurposed, related but unhinged from their original context. – Karen Yasinsky

The Greatest Movie Ever Made V2
Erik Summerville, USA, 2013
3 min., Video

The opening scene of Citizen Kane, degraded in quality beyond recognition. Made only through importing and exporting the original footage into and out of various media players and software, compressing the data, and submitting it to other processes (abuses) that digital video is forced to undergo on a regular basis. – Erik Summerville

Reckoning 3 Kent Lambert, 2013

11 min., Video

RECKONING 3 is comprised largely of imagery and sound culled from over two years of Mac and Playstation 3 video game play. Some of this play was explorational, some was performative and much was anthropological in intent. The latter category of play was conducted in online multiplayer “shooter” games, in which numerous strangers (seemingly all male) drop in and out of play and communicate via headset microphones. Though I had the ability to communicate with these strangers through my own headset microphone, I was more or less paralyzed by horror and disorientation; I remained silent and documented my eavesdropping. RECKONING 3 is an attempt toward a lucid and expansive reflection on that disorientation. – Kent Lambert

Cooper Watches…The Fast and the Furious Cooper Collier, USA, 2013

2 min., Video

A Super 8 time-lapse film documenting the artist screening the movie The Fast and the Furious. – Cooper Collier

What A Day Shannon Lee, USA, 2013

3 min., Video

A set routine is broken by a suspicious and delicious cupcake, sending this protagonist on a stimulating journey that promotes the illogical. This film is created on 16mm clear leader with decorative tape, glitter, magazine clippings, permanent marker, and a razor blade. – Shannon Lee

Sightings Kent Tate, USA, 2013

4 min., Video

Sightings explores aspects of my world as it often appears today, a world quite different from what I anticipated as a child. – Kent Tate

Master-Wind Simon Quéheillard, France, 2013

22 min., Video

Master-wind is a burlesque and animistic film, constructed on a principle that could be described in the following terms: stacks of diverse objects, placed on the side of a regional motorway, are subjected to air currents caused by semi-trailer trucks passing by at full speed. The blasts of wind caused by 38-ton trucks in the film bring to mind a kind of excessiveness, just like the – now famous – scene in Steamboat Bill Jr where Buster Keaton gets caught up in a storm. This orchestrated force that we confront through its farcical staging, is, precisely, the Master-wind. – Simon Quéheillard

An Incomplete History of Pornography, 1979 Sasha Waters Freyer, USA, 2013

8 min., Video

Women’s bodies as laboring bodies assault the viewer in this sonically rich, hairy, graphic and very weird experimental short.  An essayistic exploration of the social and economic context of porn as it relates to Neo-liberal decline since the dawn of Reagan and Thatcher. – Sasha Waters Freyer

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