– February 9, 2014

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Shorts Program 5: A Far Fact Totem
89 min.

Ode Colin Palombi, USA, 2013

4 min., Video

Ode pays homage to the Piet Patsa Arts Center near Rammulotsi, South Africa, where Palombi spent time teaching in the summer of 2013. Structurally based on the Greek song written for a chorus, Palombi invokes the natural sounds and voices of youth in and around the center as a foundational base for his tribute. Images of the center and its surroundings are arranged by color and matched with corresponding tones in a harmonic scale, creating both tension and relief, mimicking the artist’s experience at the site. – Colin Palombi

Kulturpark Greg Stephen Reigh, USA, 1997

20 min., Video

Five youths enter a dead world of whimsy; one they are quickly banished from. Inaccessible memories are evoked, and a city’s troubled history gains color from the ruins of its amusements. Kulturpark is a meditation on memory and history; a film whose contents also serve as the process that informed its creation. – Greg Stephen Reigh

The Salad Zone Sarah Abu Abdallah, Saudi Arabia, 2013

22 min.

The work offers disarrayed glimpses of multiple narratives such as that of familial domestic tensions, a juvenile dream of going to Japan, the tendency to smash TVs in moments of anger and eating fish. While using scenes from the artist’s surroundings and life in Saudi Arabia like streets or malls, it never attempts to provide the whole picture but taking a rhizomatic approach to tell a story of the everyday life. – Sarah Abu Abdallah

Auf dem Bodem der Tatscsachen (A Matter of Fact) Roshanak Zangeneh, Germany, 2013

10 min., Video

Cairo in 2011-2012, during the revolution. The camera is aimed at the ground. On a walk through the city it films feet, road surfaces, carpets, rubbish and flyers, accompanied by the sound of traffic, scraps of conversation, people chanting. The unusually limited bird’s eye view stimulates the imagination. The footsteps and film cuts are sometimes unhurried but then there is a sense of anxiety. People are lying on the ground… – Roshanak Zangeneh

Untitled (Agua Viva) Dylan Mira , USA, 2013

13 min., Video

Clarice Lispector’s novel Agua Viva is read aloud by a father. A mother debates the meaning. A daughter watches through the camera. In this fragmented landscape, an other body emerges between sound and vision. – Dylan Mira

Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes), Part II: The Crying Game Roger Beebe, USA, 2014

21 min., Video

It’s alright to cry.  Sometimes it’s even better than alright. – Roger Beebe

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