– February 9, 2014

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Shorts Program 4: Nineteen Ghost Hills
86 min.

Kathleen Stephanie Hutin, USA, 2013

4 min., Video

When all you know is that you want so badly to be her best friend. – Stephanie Hutin

The Loneliness Thing Vanessa Gully Santiago, USA, 2013

10 min., Video

he Loneliness Thing explores our increasingly isolated lives in the age of self check out, social media and internet dating. A series of vignettes that portray various states of self involvement, daily drudgery and failed attempts to form connections are tied together by an emotionless, computer-generated voice, who recites pick up lines narrated from the artist’s actual dating profile. Mixing humor and pathos, The Loneliness Thing, uses autobiography to understand the Zeitgeist of modern dating against a soundtrack of tediously overwrought love songs. – Vanessa Gully Santiago

Ten Notes on a Summer’s Day Mike Stoltz, USA, 2013

5 min., Video

We could be anywhere but we’re right here, humming along. – Mike Stoltz

Migraine and Michael: A Love Story Adrian Goodman, Australia, 2013

5 min., Video

Michael is married to a migraine. Despite his pain, he soon discovers that he can’t live without her. – Adrian Goodman

Heather Young, Canada, 2013
10 min, Video

Feeling lonely and left out, fourteen year old Julie follows her mother on a date and spies on her. Spurred on by a confused and doomed fascination with her mother’s boyfriend, she breaks into his house and explores his environment, only to discover that growing up isn’t as easy as she thought. – Heather Young

Theatre of Cruelty Devin Cain, USA, 2103

12 min., Video

Following his release from a mental hospital, Maurice comes to grips with his mental state against his mother who is ill equipped to deal with his condition. – D. Cain

Ellie Lumme Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, USA, 2013 42 min., Video

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Looking for someone to bum her a cigarette at a party, 22-year-old Ellie meets Ned, an articulate, slightly older ‘friend of a friend.’ A couple of weeks and a few unreturned phone calls later, Ned begins showing up in her life — first as an unexpected guest at her roommate’s birthday, then at her workplace. At first flattered by Ned’s attention and then creeped out by it, Ellie struggles to rid her life of his overbearing presence. A ‘non-supernatural ghost story.’” – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

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