– February 9, 2014

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Shorts Program  3: Negate Sin
84 min.

Nine Gates Pawel Wojtasik, USA, 2012

12 min., Video

“Nine Gates explores the possibility of transcendence through sexual passion: averting the gaze from the objectification of the other, the female body or the obscure enemy, to the vast and microscopic details of the body unknown to the viewer, becoming a meditation on love beyond definition.”- Priska C. Juschka Fine Art

Abductive Object #4 Kera MacKenzie, USA, 2013

3 min., Video

“Abduction: a form of logical inference that goes from observation to a hypothesis that accounts for the reliable data (observation) and seeks to explain relevant evidence. The American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce first introduced the term as “guessing.” -Wikipedia

Minimal Vandalism Kay Walkowiak, Austria, 2012

4 min., Video

“Minimal Vandalism is a project collaboration between sculptor Kay Walkowiak, filmer Brett Novak and skateboarder Kilian Martin. Walkowiak created an installation, which he then invited skateboarder Kilian Martin to come and use his sculptural objects in any way he wanted. Filmer Brett Novak documented this and the following video is the result, a sort of performance art, with the sculptures at the end showing the traces of their use. This is an example of my idea of recording public art that is used for skateboarding and taking it into a gallery setting as an installation/performance piece.” – Scott Kells

Ye Fu
Di Fang, USA, 2012
4 min., 16mm on Video

Asumptions of your Phantom(sy) Karissa Hahn, USA, 2012

2 min., Super8 on Video

The glorious nature of a phantom-like entity, in the midst of vulnerability. – Karissa Hahn

NeonSpread Tony Lawrence, Australia, 2013

4 min., 16mm on Video

Put together from found 16mm negative film strip. The images found on this film were quite a surprise! An erotic vision of a retro future. – Tony Lawrence

Spectrography of a Battle Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core, Italy, 2012

4 min., Video

A film about light, shadows, sound and silence, born from an old Russian movie. – Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core

Mount Song Shambhavi Kaul, USA, 2013

9 min.

A current runs underneath. It creeps under the door, makes its way into the cracks, revealing, obfuscating or breaking as clouds in the sky. Mountain, cave, river, forest and trap door; martial gestures, reiterated, stripped and rendered. A storm blows through. A parrot comments from a flowering branch. Here, the surfaces of set-constructions are offered for our attachments. – Shambhavi Kaul

Blow Me! Michele O’Marah, USA, 2012 43 min.

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My work Blow Me! centers on the fashion icon Isabella Blow. Blow was a notorious eccentric from a down-on-their-luck aristocratic family, she worked as a fashion editor and had a very outlandish personal style. Blow spent massive sums of money on a fantastical wardrobe because she was not satisfied with the a state of ordinary aesthetics and challenged people to expand their notions of beauty and drama. Ultimately she was disappointed and spiraled into a depression that led to several dramatic suicide attempts, finally succeeding by drinking weed killer in a silver lame gown. – Michele O’Marah

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