– February 9, 2014

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Summon With Flags
86 min.

Black Rectangle Rhayne Vermette, Canada

2 min., 16mm

Time has not been kind to Kasimir Malevich’s painting, Black Square. In 1915 when the work was first displayed the surface of the square was pristine and pure; now the black paint has cracked revealing the white ground like mortar in crazy paving. This film documents a tedious process of dismantling and reassembling 16mm found footage. The film collage imitates functions of a curtain, while the recorded optical track describes the film’s subsequent destruction during its first projection. – Rhayne Vermette

Humming, Fast & Slow Rainer Kohlberger, Austria

9 min., Video

“Humming, Fast and Slow is subtle in its details and at the same time energetic and puristic in its spatial experience. Rainer Kohlberger presents a fusion of abstraction and the digital, creating individual visual aesthetics. The constant drift of forms is associated with the nuanced movements in his sound – an interlude between the audio and the digital-graphics emerges.” – sound:frame 2012 Festival

Square Dance, Los Angeles County, California, 2013 Silvia das Fadas, USA, 2013

9 min, 16mm

“The people are what is not there yet, never in the right place, never ascribable to the place and time where anxieties and dreams await.” -Jacques Rancière

Frost Vapor Kevin Veselka, USA, 2014

10 min., 16mm

This is a film about radioactive snow and fire churning shadows to light. And wizards. In a frozen world, frost sublimates to vapor. – Kevin Veselka

Stephen Broomer, Canada, 2013
4 min., 16mm

Stamens and pistils are lit in rapid succession behind the dome of the Palm House at Allan Gardens in Toronto. The plants trade colour, making alien scenes in the conservatory. Solid forms, too near to the eye, become muddied and indistinct, in constant passage, but the dome and the grid are fixed. – Stephen Broomer

Every Filter in Final Cut Pro Lisa McCarthy, USA, 2013

10 min., Video

“With a wide selection of high-quality effects in Final Cut Pro, it’s easier than ever to experiment with glows, blurs, lighting, drop shadows, and more.” – Apple.com

The Present Compendium: a Comprehensive Inventory of 24 Items in 5 Volumes, in the Instance of the Present Print, on the Occasion of its Present Screening
Chris Hoag, USA, 2013
16 min., 16mm

A tautological repository accommodates the consolidation of otherwise incommensurable modes of thingness and their things. In this non-space of reference and index, Mary-Kate Olsen performs various feats of horsemanship to a particular degree of precision. – Chris Hoag

The HandEye (Bone Ghosts) Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy, Germany, 2012

7 min., 16mm

In early 20th century Vienna Robert Musil invited Sigmund Freud to partake in, what he called, “a very special séance”. Seated at the table Musil revealed that they were going to summon the ghost of Franz Anton Mesmer, discoverer of animal magnetism and forefather of hypnosis. Musil told Freud about a series of dreams he had which involved a talking flea. Musil, who had secretly become a follower of the imaginationist school of animal magnetism wanted to question Mesmer as to the meaning of these dreams, in which said flea foretold of impending catastrophes all over Europe. It is said that Mesmer obligingly appeared and spoke in a repetitive and oblique manner. Mesmer’s words were transcribed by Freud in several scraps of paper and hidden separately in a series of objects that, owing to the vicissitudes of history, would end up in the collections of three Viennese museums. Legend has it that he who could piece together the text would find instructions for the assembly of a film. We visited these museums and, unable to break away the objects from their glass prisons, have made an attempt to reconstruct the film, hoping that the magnetic force inside the objects would transfer to the film’s silver halide crystals, allowing us to make sense of the single written testimony left over from the séance. In her diary as the lone entry for that date, Eugenie Schwarzwald, the only other known participant wrote: “A distinguished flea hypnotizes the ghost of a distinguished man. – Anja Dornieden

Listen Montieth Mccollum, USA, 2012

10 min., Video

Listen examines shortwave radio as a technology that can be utilized not only for communication, but also abstract sound art. Ingvar Loco Nordin a Swedish sound artist, writer, and student of the renowned composer Karlheinz Stockhausen breaks down the sounds of shortwave as a poetic electronic medium. Bringing viewers into a world of forgotten hidden transmissions, buzzing morse code, and the hum of pagers. While solar flares can make clear communication on shortwave difficult, for the artist it’s an opportunity to hear an elusive set of tones connecting it to the greater Milky Way. – Montieth Mccollum

Tender Feet Fern Silva, 2013, USA

10 min., 16mm

Tender Feet was shot on the road in the southwest leading up to the not quite so cataclysmic and transformative events anticipated to take place around Dec. 21st 2012. As digits flipped on the odometer, so did the days in the Mayan calendar shedding light and darkness on charred forests, arid landscapes, falling stars, destructive vortexes, fortune telling traffic signs, and ticking time bombs… -Fern Silva

“Do you know what the secret to life is… this… one thing, just one thing…” -Curly Washburn

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