La última película

– February 9, 2014

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La última película Mark Peranson & Raya Martin Canada/Denmark/ Mexico/Philippines, 2013 35mm on Video

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A filmmaker (Alex Ross Perry), along with his local guide (Gabino Rodríguez), traverse the Yucatán in the days leading up to the “end of the world” with the idea of making his last movie. In the area where an asteroid hit the Earth 66 million years ago, taking the planet close to annihilation and eradicating the dinosaurs, they look at possible locations for the film, even journeying to Chichen Itza on December 21, where they encounter a surrealistic gathering of New Agers and Mayan mystics. They meet a local TV reporter (Iazua Larios), who the filmmaker casts in his psychedelic Western. After the film is shot, the misunderstood and egomaniacal filmmaker decides to remain in Mexico, editing his masterpiece, forever.

An experimental, emotional comedy that relates the end of cinema with the end of the world, La última película attempts to reimagine the atmosphere and the excitement of the heyday of American independent cinema, alluding to ’70s Westerns and road movies, their sense of adventure, and the experiences involved in their creation. Shot with nine different cameras, under the influence of Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie and the “nonfiction” film about its editing, The American Dreamer, La última película is a critical act combining fiction and documentary, looking backwards and forwards at the same time to create a film about the present—it is an infinite, oneiric gesture that attempts to save cinema with one last gunshot. All errors are intentional. – Mark Peranson & Raya Martin

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