URBAN EXPLORERS: INTO THE DARKNESS Melody Gilbert Documentary Video 85:00 2007 Chicago Premiere

URBAN EXPLORERS: INTO THE DARKNESS plunges into the world of urban exploration, a growing international subculture of adventure-seekers who explore places where most people would never dream of going. They crawl through storm drains and sewers, wander around faded tourist attractions, and rappel into long-forgotten government sites. Some do it for the thrill of being where they’re not supposed to be and not knowing what lies ahead. Others do it to document places before they are demolished. The bond they share is the desire to explore an urban landscape that is almost completely unappreciated or simply forgotten. Documentary filmmaker Melody Gilbert (Whole, A Life Without Pain) follows Max Action, Katwoman, Turbozutek, Slim Jim on their ‘missions’ to infiltrate abandoned hopsitals and ‘lunatic asylums,’ the decaying ‘House of the Future’ in Florida, and even the forbidden Catacombs in Paris. Set to tunes by The Hopefuls, Kid Dakota, The Owls, and Dave Salmela, you’ll wonder how the explorers manage to get in these dangerous places. What will they find? Who will they meet? Will they get arrested? After watching this documentary, you’ll never look at a manhole cover the same way again!!

“In her upcoming film Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness… Director Melody Gilbert examines an internet-based subculture of thrill-seeking youths who rappel, climb, and squeeze their way into defunct buildings and other landmarks of urban decay, marveling at ‘snotsicles’ that droop from sewer pipes and appreciating dead factories as if they were national parks. “ – Minneapolis City Pages

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