– March 16, 2012

Filmmakers will be notified late April-early May.   Please wait to hear from us.

And Remember…

As soon as stuff starts coming in, our screening committee will be hard at work watching everything that comes in. We’re counting over 1,200 submissions this year so far, so please be patient!

Programming is an amorphous process that takes a lot of massaging, so just look out for an email from us in that time period.

If you submitted through Withoutabox, you can also check back there for a potentially quicker notification.

After May 5th, please let us know if you didn’t hear from us (info AT cuff DOT org).

We would like to streamline and perfect our system, and we don’t want to leave anyone out in the cold. Hopefully the email address you gave us is clear, valid and still functioning- sometimes emails bounce back, so make sure we have a reliable email address!

The full program should be announced by early-mid May and will be available on our website and in the Gene Siskel Film Center Gazette.

Thanks so much for letting CUFF watch and consider your work.

See you at the fest!

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