Feature 16mm 95:00 2003 World Premiere

“…If you miss it, you’ll be missing the assured debut film by an undoubtedly promising new talent.” ‹ FILM THREAT

“ELEVATOR MOVIE takes influence from films like David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD, Shinya Tsukamoto’s TETSUO: THE IRON MAN, and even has moments of Cronenbergian biological horror, but don’t forget…this is a comedy! At times, the movie felt like something Richard Kern might have done if he collaborated with John Waters. This film scores on so many levels, but primarily because it’s so simple and yet so perfectly well-done. Definitely one of the most original and bizarre films I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.” – GONZORIFFIC REVIEWS

Jim is a shy, withdrawn loner, pervert, and virgin. Lana is a friendly and outgoing born again Christian who has renounced her promiscuous drug filled past. They have never met until they step into an elevator together one day. The elevator gets stuck between floors, and they start to get to know each other. A building maintenance man assures them over the elevator’s emergency intercom that an elevator repairman is on the way to let them back into their lives. Hours, days, weeks, and months pass, and no repairmen ever show up. Jim and Lana spend their days screaming into the intercom trying to get the maintenance guy to answer again. He doesn’t.

Starvation is not a problem for them, as Lana entered the elevator with a bag full of groceries, which is mysteriously found to be filled with fresh food every morning. After enough time passes, Jim gives up hope of escape and resigns himself to building a new life in the elevator with who he sees as his first girlfriend. Lana on the other hand desperately wants to escape, and clings to her faith in God to provide them with an opening of the elevator doors. Eventually, a reluctant and desperate romance begins between the two, but it is promptly cut short by an inexplicable transformation of parts of Lana’s body into metal.



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