Experimental Video 3:00 2004

Strange images and twisted sounds illustrate the obsessive-compulsive underbelly of one young man’s doll collection.


Feature Video 85:00 2004 Chicago Premiere

“A sexy and original psychological portrait, Todd Verow’s provocative feature maps the region between monogamy and sexuality free of constraints. It’s a precarious zone, especially when happiness is assumed to be lurking behind the scenes.

Todd (played by Verow himself) should know. He’s got a steady lover and a steady job at a movie theater, but sometimes his life resembles a gilded cage. His relationship with John, which evolved from a sexually charged roommate search to a capital-R Relationship, has become stale and rote. His job is largely spent in a deathly still office. To make up for the deficit in his fantasy life, Todd finds release as he always did: in casual sex with fuck-buddies and strangers, using the Internet and public restrooms as havens of easy connection. But when John gets wind of Todd’s dalliances, danger looms. Can Todd have a life of sexual and emotional fulfillment, out in the open? The elusive answer is a matter of trial and error.

Verow poses this dilemma in an austere production that skillfully uses silence and camera placement to emphasize Todd’s isolation. Handily upending bourgeois promises of blissful coupledom, the film simultaneously posits an inner, private life that deserves respect ­ and demands to be fed! Compact and elemental, featuring engrossing performances by a cast that includes queer film favorites Shawn Durr and Craig Chester, ANONYMOUS quivers with dramatic tension and speaks volumes about the intersections of public and private sexuality.” – Shannon Kelley, Frameline

“…Thick with atmosphere… and the occasional bit of ugly beauty.” -Village Voice

“Excellent or at least in-your-face (we’re talking ’90s) new work from Frisk’s Todd Verow (starring in Anonymous, a sort of self-loathing riposte to Adored)” -San Francisco Bay Guardian


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